1. Kundalini - The 3 Gates (not the Granthis)
      2. Escaping the Pain
      3. The precision of Sanskrit ns
      4. The Medical Symbol - You can not steal a symbol and claim ownership of it
      5. The Symbology of The Shiva Linga ns
      6. The Word Conscious
      7. Waking up ns
      8. Why is there a singing elite
      9. Yoga is Not an exercise or relaxation technique
      10. You can only hurt yourself
      11. Coincidence and Pramatma ns
      12. Escaping the Pain
      13. Going right off fighting for the framework and Kundalini
      14. History is Skewed ns
      15. Keep Kundalini in context ns(1)
      16. Keep Kundalini in context ns
      17. Kundalini - The 3 Gates (not the Granthis)
      18. Kundalini Knowledge - Craving what I have
      19. Kundalini Knowledge - How you make people feel
      20. Kundalini Knowledge - It is so indescribable
      21. Kundalini Knowledge - Living on the Fringe of Society
      22. Kundalini Knowledge - Skype omji and Sheshnaag
      23. Kundalini Knowledge - Videos Suggestions
      24. Kundalini Knowledge _ Finding God is near impossible
      25. omji sharing the sacred return of Kundalini ns
      26. Respect for Lineages
      27. Science is skewed ns
      28. Self Awarenss and Paramatma
      29. Sheshnaag Mandir - A community around Sanskrit
      30. Sheshnaag Mandir - Raising Funds
      31. The average Adult is Psychotic and subconscious expression ns
      32. The average Adult is Psychotic and the Immediate memory recall ns