The first constriction is known as Brahma Granthi (the knot of Brahma) which is said to be situated in Manipura chakra which correlates anatomically to the diaphragm (solar plexus) and the area below it which includes adrenal glands. This point of reference has been interpreted by many people in many ways. It is stated that Brahma Granthi is in Muladhara charka.

Brahma Granthi is named after the creator according to the Hindu faith.

It has also been correlated to the Church of Ephesus while relating to chastity.

Identity at the level of Brahma Granthi;

As I understand it Brahma Granthi is the knot that constricts people’s awareness from moving beyond that of the physical dimension. At this level a person’s identity is only as big as the physical environment in which they live and the other people that interact within that environment. A person’s whole experience is limited to one based on consumption which is unconsciously motivated by instant gratification. At this level there is no conscious recognition or awareness of any subtle connection between one’s self and other forms of life.



The second constriction is located in Anahata Chakra and correlates physically with the heart and cardiac plexus.

Vishnu Granthi is named after the preserver according to the Hindu faith.

It has also been correlated to the Church of Thyatira while relating to love.

Identity at the level of Vishnu Granthi;

As I understand it Vishnu Granthi is the knot that constricts human awareness that inhibits understanding of life outside that of one’s personality which includes feelings, habits and more of a motivation based on emotional pleasure that is justified rationally and motivated once again through instant gratification. At this level a person’s identity grows to encompass not only that of the physical surroundings and people within it but also friends are accumulated relative to how much of your personality they reflect. The people that we see as having things in common are often the ones that feel closest to thus allowing them to be become a part of what one identifies with. So now ones identity is based more on personality and their mind content which provides a sense of comfort which also minimises threats. The threats coming from anything that is not a part of one’s identity.

To question this level and grow beyond it one soon develops feelings of compassion which motivate a desire to help for those people, animals, plants and anything else on the earth which would not normally be identified as a part of ones every day life. This level of awareness is the one that is collectively opening throughout the planet at the current moment thanks to the current devastation and wars. Talk about finding a positive in a negative. The conscious recognition of connection to life often comes in the form of something separate to ones self at this level. Be it a god on a distant cloud or a saviour long gone, the truth is, that form of divinity is seen as separate from ones self and often called upon only in times of need where one unconsciously calls for help. There are people that consciously recognise this form of divinity daily or hourly but the emphasis is more on where is the divinity and is it separate to ones self and ones being. These forms are however good to focus ones energy towards in order to grow more likely to embody the ideals that these forms represent. As this energy progressively works through a natural process of evolution a person’s knowledge and understanding grow in depth. Perception and understanding are enhanced as a result of more experiences that are an indirect consequence of an increased ability for the body to perform. As the perception and understanding moves away from the body and the five physical senses the more subtle experiences are possible. Relative to the chakras and Granthis, energy can be felt in the body. The movement is felt more gross and solid nearer to the south pole or earth aspect as compared to the more subtle and non physical feelings that are experienced as the energy nears the north pole or space.

This energy movement and the subtle perception of it can be influenced by disciplines such as yoga, meditation, prayers, chemicals, herbs and drugs to mention a few not including feelings and personal preferences. Consequently, whenever energy at any specific level is expressed, this expression often involves physical action. Some examples of how the energy can be felt in the body include the sexual feelings that quite obviously reside in the pelvic and reproductive regions, power struggles that can be felt in the gut, also the centre for fear resulting in fight or flight response situated clearly in the power centre just below the diaphragm or another experience such as being in love where ones feels softness and melting in the centre of the chest region, quite often there is the experience of being choked up in the throat during emotional or disturbing expression, the energy can be felt or concentrated through the head and the energy, while focused here, often does not involve the physical experiences of the body and senses but more to do with thoughts alone.

As I understand it the energy moving between the north and south pole are of two types. There is the Manas Shakti (power of the mind) moving within the Ida Nadi and the other energy is known as Prana Shakti (power of life) which travels in the Pingala Nadi. According to the studies it has been described that for approximately 10 to 30 seconds every 110 to 120 minutes the flow in both Ida and Pingala are balanced. As this occurs the energy within the nadis spontaneously enters the Sushumna nadi to induce a meditative state. This natural experience has been observed by yogis of the past and most techniques are designed to extend the duration for which the energy is travelling in Sushumna, providing the mediative state. As the consciousness moves along the nadis of Ida and Pingala relative to Manas and Prana Shakti when they are balanced a person is conscious and concentrated while the balance in energies result in Sushumna opening and the Kundalini energy moving upwards through the Granthis. As the Granthis are loosened the individual experiences heighten perception which results in new experiences as the enhanced perception provides more abilities and a wider understanding in order to contextualise more aspects of life. As this is done the individual grows the ability to actively partake in discipline that will align their lives harmoniously with the subtle dimensions. Some examples of expression relative to understanding include the physically minded who are focused and influenced predominately by the physical environment and physical dimension. The intellectuals utilise the conscious mind while focused physically tend to function in a way that they use their mind to profit and gain in a way that provides them with fulfilment and satisfaction. Often motivated by physical gain which is achieved through utilising the mind. The emotional people that seem sensitive but comparatively powerful express energy and function on a level governed by emotional motivation. The truly spiritually motivated person is focused on a oneness or unity of all. This awareness is limited to those who have had the direct experience of their most subtle nature and is motivated by pure intent and compassion that will lead others also to the enhanced understanding based on the truth of universal oneness rather than manipulation of the physical dimension based on personal gain, be it physical, rational or emotional. The knowledge for enhanced understanding of ones true self and the substratum of life in the sense of the underlying reality, non changing and all pervading is to be used earnestly for the upliftment of all where ever possible.



Rudra Granthi is located in Agni Chakra which correlates physically to the fourth ventricle of the brain.

Rudra Granthi is named after the destroyer according to the Hindu faith.

It has also been correlated to the Church of Philadelphia while relating to wisdom.

Identity at the level of Rudra Granthi

As I understand it Rudra Granthi is the knot that constricts human awareness from encompassing a life without separateness from anything. At this level a person’s identity grows to encompass the true knowledge and reality that all life is connected through the experience of universal oneness. Ones whole experience of life grows to respect and appreciate all of creation while attempting to live in harmony with it. At this level there is constant recognition and appreciation to life in the form of universal oneness (be it what ever name you chose) providing both the experience and knowledge to gain wisdom during the human experience. There is also the ability to co create ones life at this level. Ironically and sadly humans will forever remain afraid of such an experience as the end result is that you no longer exist. At this level the identity of me in relation to anything else ceases to exist except of course in the rational sense in order to interact with other people but the connection to every other person is so strong that self motivation will rarely occur to please one’s self at the expense of others. The idea at this level that everyone is pleased while still in recognition of the spiritual component of life that connects everyone and allows each person to reflect each other while also accepting variations in expressions.