In 1998 Michael Perring experienced a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening.  Soon afterwards he was spiritually bestowed the name Omdeva, and in acknowledgment of the individual soul (jiva, -ji), is now known as Omdevaji.

Omdevaji’s story is one of life-long Spiritual Illumination, originating with working in the medical profession of Radiography (taking x-rays) and a pure appreciation of physics and energy. With the realisation of there being no coincidence, he landed in the lap of God during a Kundalini Awakening, in 1998. This Awakening provided the deep awareness and understanding that thoughts really do manifest into real life experiences!  Following this inexplicable and forever life-changing experience he methodically moved from being an agnostic radiographer to a Sanskrit scholar, Yoga teacher and Tantric Philosopher, dedicating his life to the holy Sanskrit alphabet and the science of Yoga.

During his journey into understanding the universal nature of the true self, he openly acknowledges this path of discovery to be painfully lonely and overwhelming at times with the confronting reality that so much of our current lifestyle is lived contrary to the human framework.

This incredibly bizarre yet overwhelmingly blissful experience had Omdevaji quite suddenly choose to leave everything he knew behind and move to the Tasmania in a quest to understand this phenomenon.

With passion and dedication he now writes and shares his voice of experience on the topic of Kundalini Awakening.

Not since a man named Gopi Krishna has someone autobiographically documented the experience of spiritual illumination, or full kundalini awakening, with such detail and raw honesty.

Whilst Gopi Krishna awakened his Kundalini after 17 years of meditating three hours a day facing a plain wall, Omdevaji led a relatively normal life, working with a high intellect, however also predominantly alone. Unintentionally developing intuitive insight into life, he found himself seeing and focusing on the inherent ‘coincidences’ in his everyday situations, from an objective perspective. It was 1998 in the working class suburb of Kingswood, NSW, he experienced what he came to understand and appreciate as a Kundalini awakening, aka spiritual illumination.

Since the Awakening in 1998 Michael has studied Kundalini, Yoga, Sanskrit, Life, Himself, Psychic Research, Buddhism, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Shamanism of North and South America and Christianity. During extensive research into himself, god, the etheric body, kundalini & the system yoga works on he has established several compendiums to consolidate the sacred knowledge of Kundalini awakenings in everyday life whilst living outside of an ashram, without the direct guidance of a guru.

Having survived two divorces, a broken back, the deaths of both a best man and a close friend, and a near death incident, he continues to write and speak on the topic of kundalini, and focuses on being a good Dad to two children.

“I like to keep it real as a Human Being, being human.” – omdevaji, HB

Timeline Biography

1998-2005: Completed writing the first 4 books of the ‘What on Earth is Kundalini?’ series.

1999:          Travelled to India

For research, residing in Varanasi, Gangotri, Puttiparthi (Sathya Sai Baba’s Ashram)

2001:          Established ‘Sheshnaag Yoga Centre’ and

2001-2004: Completed a 3 year Diploma in Satyananda Yoga teaching at Bihar School of Satyananda Yoga (Satyananda Ashram).

2003:          Initiated into the Dasnami order of Saraswati (The lineage of knowledge), by Paramahamsa Niranjanananda Saraswati (The Head of Bihar School of Yoga), NSW

2004:          Travelled to India

Researching for 4 weeks at the Biyar School of Yoga, Bihar.

Initiated into the Dasnami order of Giri (the lineage of love) by Shibendhu Lahiri (The great, great, great, great Grandson of Lahiri Mahasya), in Varanasi at Satyalok

2004-2012: Endeavoured to research the ‘Grihasta/Householder’ lifestyle, fatherhood and marriage within the domestic environment.

2011-2013: Studied ‘Masters in Asia Pacific Studies’ majoring in Sanskrit, with the Australian National University.

2012:          Established Sheshnaag Yoga Trust, a trust dedicated to encouraging the study of Yogic Physiology and Philosophy

2013:          Travelled to India

Attended the Kumbha Mela (bigest spiritual gathering on the planet!), Alahabad/Pryag to present ‘At the Core of the Human Body Lies the Sanskrit Alphabet’ at the Astrojyotish conference.

Initiated into Shakti Samelan of Kashmir Shaivism lineage, at the Kumbha Mela, Sangam, by Tantrik Mahendra

Toured with Pilgrim Bookhouse, filmed ‘The Goal of Yoga’ documentary with esteemed yogis such as ‘Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Art of Living), Pilot Baba, Jasraj Puri (Yoga in Daily Life), Tantrik Mahendra (Shakti Samelan) & many others making up more than 8 hours of footage.

2014:          Established Sheshnaag Sanskrit School, a school dedicated to encourage and perpetuate the study and understanding of Sanskrit and its affect on the human framework.

2015:          Travelled to India

Published “What on Earth is Kundalini?” a four book series that retrospectively investigates the anatomical origin of Spiritual Illumination and Kundalini Awakenings.

2016           Initiated into the Dasnami order of Kriya Yoga, by Ma Gurupriyanananda. (The Lineage of Babaji Mahamuni, Lahiri Mahasya, Sri Yukteswar & Yoganananda)

2017:          Commenced building of Sheshnaag Mandir, a temple dedicated to Kundalini, Yoga & the Sanskrit Alphabet, the human framework in the image of the creator according to Yogic Philosophy and Sanskrit Alphabet.

Online presence:

Website: – Dedicated to Patanjali, Sanskrit and Kundalini.

‘What on Earth is Kundalini?’ facebook group with 1600+ members

‘SheshnaagYogaCentre’ YouTube channel, 270 subscribers and 300+ videos relating to Yogic Philosophy, Physiology, Everyday Psychology, Sanskrit and Tantra/Sacred Sexuality. (18K+ views)

A short video bio:



Public Appearances:

  • 2013 – Guest Speaker – Kumbha Mela, Astrojyotish Conference – Presentation of a paper titled ‘At the Core of the Human being Lies the Sanskrit Alphabet’
  • 2016 – Leak Project interview – ‘Kundalini, Ancient Wisdom, Highly Guarded & Unveiled’ (60,000 plus views)
  • 2017 – ABC Radio Tasmania Hobart – 30 Minute interview on Sheshnaag Mandir, Sanskrit & Yoga.
  • 2017 – The Sacred Masculine Summit 2017 – Kundalini Physiology (
  • 2018 Soulogy – Return of Ancient Wisdom and Kundalini Physiology

The entire book series is downloadable at any time (in PDF format) from the website

1000+ downloads online and 1000+ online sales in India on Sapnaonline and Amazon

2016 – present: started a long arduous and confrontational experience of embodiment following the awakening process

The Mentors and workshops I have chosen to attend are

  • Justin Patrick Pierce – Co-author of ‘The awakened Woman’s guide to ever lasting love.
  • Facebook groups – The Yoga of Intimacy and Tribe – Mens Community
  • Destin Gerek – Author of ‘The Evolved Masculine – Be the Man the World wants to see’
  • Matt Small & Chris Stewart – Embodied Emotional Mastery
  • Michael Lauria – Author of ‘Forging Excalibur – Masculine Qunitessence’

I have attended the following workshops

2018 – present – Monthly attendance to Conference calls lead By Justin Patrick Pierce

A community based support network for men working towards rewriting old beliefs, fully embodied emotional expression & respectful Sensuality and Sexuality

2018 – Tasmen Gathering – Woodfield Conference centre

Community based support for men working towards wholeness, fully embodied emotional expression & respectful Sensuality and Sexuality

2018 – The Yoniverse – Embodied Presence & Sacred Sexuality

2018 – Menergy – 4 day retreat, Licola wilderness village, Victoria

Community based support for men working towards wholeness & respectfully embodied Sensuality and Sensuality

2019 – Tasmen Gathering – Woodfield Conference centre

Community based support for men working towards wholeness, fully embodied emotional expression & respectful Sensuality and Sexuality

2019 – Love Rising – Arion Light – Melbourne CBD

Fully embodied connection, purpose & expression

2019 – Island of Men – Mikey Lee – Country Victoria

A journey through the archetypes of Warrior, Lover, Magician & King

2019 – Forging Excalibur – Michael Lauria – Mornington Peninsula Victoria

Fully embodied emotional expression, Paradigm shifting & Empowered Masculinity.

Om Namah Shivaya