The Yoga of intuitive knowledge/wisdom.

The process of enquiry that works through understanding and experiencing the different layers of life that results in intuitive knowledge of the subtle dimensions and ultimately a direct experience of ones true nature, which is beyond language/words, the intellect/thoughts & one with everything.

The Process

Challenge of all conditioning

Non acceptance of all ideology

Continual removal of experiences & identity

Willingness to remove labels

Total absorption & focus on enquiry

Experience rather than belief

The ability to leap into the unknown

Absorption in the Self

Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom

The 3 Stages

1 – Self Analysis                  2 – Tuning In          3 – Leap of Faith

The 4 Qualities of a Jnani (Jnana Yogi).

Viveka (Discrimination)

Shuddhata (Sama, Dama, Titiksha, Uparati, Shraddha, Samdhana)

Vairagya (Non Attachment)

Mumukshutva (Desire for Liberation)