First (Base) Chakra


(Food and Shelter)


Sanskrit nameMuladhara Chakra
DefinitionFoundation of experience
English nameRoot or Base Chakra
Number of petals(Nadi’s intersecting)Four
ColourDeep Red
Physical locationPerineum (males)Cervix (females)
Kshetram (Trigger Point)Perineum (males)Cervix (females)
Correlating Nerve plexusCoccygeal
Correlating Endocrine glandsPerineal body
Prana VayuApana
Kosha (Energy manifestation)Annamaya kosha
Tattwa (Element)Prithvi (Earth)
Yantra (Visual symbol)Yellow Square
Tanmatra (Subtle essence)Smell
Gyandriya (Organ of Knowledge)Nose
Karmendriya (Organ of Action)Anus
Bija (Seed) MantraLam
Loka(Plane of existence)BhuFirst plane of mortal existence
Deva (God)Ganesha
Devi (Goddess)Dakini or Savitri
LingamSwayambhu Dhumra (Smoky and ill defined)
Physical experienceInverted Red triangle with a coiled serpent
Associated PowersFull knowledge of Kundalini and the power to awaken it. Levitation, Control of entire Being, Ability to produce smells at will, Freedom from disease, Knowledge of creative potential, Cheerful at all times.



Second (Sacral) Chakra




Sanskrit nameSvadisthana Chakra
DefinitionOnes own abode
English nameSacral Chakra
Number of petals(Nadi’s intersecting)Six
ColourOrange-red (Vermillion)
Physical locationCoccyx
Kshetram (Trigger Point)Pubic Symphysis (Bone)
Correlating Nerve plexusSacral/Pelvic
Correlating Endocrine glandsTestes/Ovaries
Prana VayuVyana
Kosha (Energy manifestation)Pranamaya kosha
Tattwa (Element)Apas (Water)
Yantra (Visual symbol)Silver or white Crescent Moon
Tanmatra (Subtle essence)Taste
Gyandriya (Organ of Knowledge)Tongue
Karmendriya (Organ of Action)Urinary/Reproductive System
Bija (Seed) MantraVam
Loka(Plane of existence)BhuvahIntermediate plane of spiritual awareness
Deva (God)Vishnu
Devi (Goddess)Rakini or Saraswati
Physical experienceTotal Darkness/Unconsciousness
Associated PowersNo fear of water, Intuitive knowledge, knowledge of Astral entities, Ability to taste anything at will.


Third (Navel) Chakra




Sanskrit nameManipura Chakra
DefinitionCity of Jewels
English nameSolar Plexus Chakra
Number of petals(Nadi’s intersecting)Ten
Physical locationBehind Navel
Kshetram (Trigger Point)Navel
Correlating Nerve plexusSolar
Correlating Endocrine glandsAdrenal
Prana VayuSamana
Kosha (Energy manifestation)Pranamay kosha
Tattwa (Element)Agni (Fire)
Yantra (Visual symbol)Red inverted triangle
Tanmatra (Subtle essence)Sight
Gyandriya (Organ of Knowledge)Eyes
Karmendriya (Organ of Action)Feet
Bija (Seed) MantraRam
Loka(Plane of existence)SwahaLast of the mortal planes
Deva (God)Rudra
Devi (Goddess)Lakini or Lakshmi
Physical experienceBright Yellow lotus
Associated PowersNo fear of Fire, Acquisition of hidden treasures, Knowledge of ones own body, Freedom from disease


Fourth (Heart) Chakra


(Unconditional Compassion)


Sanskrit nameAnahata Chakra
DefinitionSource of the unstruck sound
English nameHeart Chakra
Number of petals(Nadi’s intersecting)Twelve
ColourBlue (Sometimes interpreted as Green)
Physical locationBehind the heart
Kshetram (Trigger Point)Xiphoid process of sternum
Correlating Nerve plexusCardiac
Correlating Endocrine glandsThymus
Prana VayuPrana
Kosha (Energy manifestation)Manomaya kosha
Tattwa (Element)Vayu (Air)
Yantra (Visual symbol)Six pointed Star
Tanmatra (Subtle essence)Touch
Gyandriya (Organ of Knowledge)Skin
Karmendriya (Organ of Action)Hands
Bija (Seed) MantraYam
Loka(Plane of existence)MahaFirst of the immortal planes
Deva (God)Isha
Devi (Goddess)Kakini or Kali
LingamBana (Gold)
Physical experienceBlue lotus on a still lake orGolden flame in a dark cave
Associated PowersControl of prana, Ability to heal others, Universal Love, Inspired speech, Words manifest, Complete control of the senses, Ability to concentrate.


Fifth (Throat) Chakra


(True Expression)


Sanskrit nameVishuddhi Chakra
DefinitionCentre of Nectar and Poison
English nameThroat Chakra
Number of petals(Nadi’s intersecting)Sixteen
ColourPurple (Sometimes interpreted as Blue)
Physical locationBehind the throat
Kshetram (Trigger Point)Adams apple or Sternal notch
Correlating Nerve plexusCervical (Laryngeal/Pharyngeal) Plexus
Correlating Endocrine glandsThyroid gland
Prana VayuUdana
Kosha (Energy manifestation)Vijnanamaya kosha
Tattwa (Element)Akasha (Ether)
Yantra (Visual symbol)White circle
Tanmatra (Subtle essence)Hearing
Gyandriya (Organ of Knowledge)Ears
Karmendriya (Organ of Action)Vocal chords
Bija (Seed) MantraHam
Loka(Plane of existence)Janaha
Deva (God)Sadashiva
Devi (Goddess)Sakini
AnimalWhite Elephant with Seven trunks
Physical experienceFeeling of cold and drops of nectar
Associated PowersImperishability, Full knowledge of the scriptures, Knowledge of the past, present and future, Ability to Exist without Eating, Power to read others thoughts.


Sixth (The Third Eye) Chakra


(Clear Sight)


Sanskrit nameAjna Chakra
DefinitionCommand Centre
English nameThe Third Eye
Number of petals(Nadi’s intersecting)Two (Sometimes interpreted as one hundred)
ColourClear or Grey (Sometimes interpreted as Indigo)
Physical locationCentre of the Head
Kshetram (Trigger Point)Point between the Eyebrows
Correlating Nerve plexusCavernous Plexus
Correlating Endocrine glandsPituatary
Prana VayuAll five prana’s
Kosha (Energy manifestation)Vijnanamaya kosha
Tattwa (Element)Manas (Mind)
Yantra (Visual symbol)Clear circle
Tanmatra (Subtle essence)Mind
Gyandriya (Organ of Knowledge)Mind
Karmendriya (Organ of Action)Mind
Bija (Seed) MantraOm
Loka (Plane of existence)Tapaha
Deva (God)Paramshiva
Devi (Goddess)Hakini
LingamItarakhya (Well define black lingam) Symbolising a clear concept of the Self.
Physical experienceUnmani – Golden egg and spontaneous trance
Associated PowersAbility to enter anothers body at will, Become all knowing and all seeing, Acqisition of Siddhis, Realisation of unity with Supreme Consciousness.


Seventh (The Crown) Chakra




Sanskrit nameSahasrara Chakra
DefinitionThousand Petalled Lotus
English nameCrown Chakra
Number of petals(Nadi’s intersecting)Infinite (Sometimes interpreted as one thousand)
ColourMulticoloured (Sometimes interpreted as Violet)
Physical locationCrown of Head
Kshetram (Trigger Point)Crown of Head
Correlating Nerve plexusHypothalamic Pituatary Axis
Correlating Endocrine glandsPituatary Gland
Prana VayuBeyond the prana’s – Indescribable
Kosha (Energy manifestation)Anandamaya kosha
Tattwa (Element)Beyond the elements – Indescribable
Yantra (Visual symbol)Indescribable
Tanmatra (Subtle essence)Indescribable
Gyandriya (Organ of Knowledge)Indescribable
Karmendriya (Organ of Action)Indescribable
Bija (Seed) MantraIndescribable
Loka (Plane of existence)Satyam
Deva (God)Shiva
Devi (Goddess)Shakti
LingamWhite (Pure consciousness)
Physical experienceLuminous lingam in the centre of a lotus with infinite petals
Associated PowersSamadhi, Total Awakening, Self-realisation.