Tantric Philosophy States

As Above – So Below

Please try not to be confronted by the imagery of the serpent. The symbol of the serpent is simply a way that the luminaries of the past chose to explain and represent their perception of waves of energy and light since the term ‘sine curve’ was not known in their vocabulary.

Sheshnaag – is Sanskrit for ‘One Thousand Headed Serpent’.

Sheshnaag is seen as the provider and caretaker of life on a universal scale.

Sheshnaag – on a smaller human scale is the human being connected to universal life via the top (Sahasrara) chakra. Sahasrara chakra has one thousand petals which are said to represent the fifty syllables of the Sanskrit alphabet twenty times. Each vibration is one of the heads of the one thousand headed serpent.

I have chosen Sheshnaag as my way of appreciating my connection to life on a universal scale as well as paying homage to the great yoga sage Patanjali. Patanjali is understood to be the incarnation of Sheshnaag whilst also being the luminary during this current era responsible for contextualising yoga in such a way that the techniques and philosophies can be understood and practised by the everyday person.

I have also aligned myself with the yogic philosophy because it is purely anatomical and is to be practised according to each individual’s innate elemental constitution and psychological predispositions. Yoga also houses the Sanskrit alphabet which is innate within the human being (the human mind body complex) at its very core.

Sheshnaag is the term I use to humbly pay tribute to life and the opportunity given to me during my experience of it.

Philosophically speaking, throughout the world three things/aspects are common among all teachings. These three things are often referred to as a trilogy. They are;

  1. The human being (the manifest organic vehicle housing the soul)
  2. Universal life or nature (the non-manifest all-pervading life force)
  3. The link or connection between the two.

As I understand and appreciate it, my soul (jiva) is incarnate within a human vehicle which is connected to everything on a universal scale (atma) via a bridge of consciousness (kundalini).

Sheshnaag aims to provide a place where the universal connectedness of everything can be contemplated on an individual level and celebrated communally.

We are all one – Share the world

Peace. omdevaji