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Sheshnaag Yoga Centre

Sheshnaag Yoga Centre teaches and encourages the Yoga of Self Knowledge (Atmajnana)

The primary goal is to create an atmosphere where the environment, information and people within it provide individuals with the opportunity to work towards the realisation and direct experience of the most subtle nature of the human mind body framework.

Jnana Yoga utilises a focused mind to achieve intuitive insight into the various dimensions of being.

As a representative of Yoga I can teach Integral Yoga, Hatha Yoga or several other types. I personally do not want to spread myself too thin and partially focus on attempting to teach too many forms. I would be doing an injustice to myself, to you as a student and the integrity that Yoga is meant to represent.

My innate constitution and who I am as a person is aligned with the path of Yoga that achieves deep insight through intuitive perception, being Jnana Yoga.

There are many types of Yoga and the way I see it is for you as a person is to understand your own innate elemental constitution, your emotional tendencies and your psychological predispositions, then apply the Yoga that is suited to you.

Regarding the teaching of Patanjali: the first four stages of the yogic path certainly have their place and value. These stages are termed Yama, Niyama, Asana and Pranayama. According to the teachings of Patanjali Jnana Yoga involves the fifth, sixth and seventh stages of the yogic path to achieve the eighth These stages are termed Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.

Sheshnaag Yoga Centre will focus on providing the opportunity for individuals to study themselves, Yogic physiology, psychology and philosophy in the hope that they may come to understand themselves better.

Sheshnaag Yoga Centre aims to provide a welcoming place where people of all constitutions and beliefs can come together and celebrate the unity of life.