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Attention all Doctors

win $50,000*

Sheshnaag Mandir $50k Challenge

Would you like to take up the challenge or donate to a worthy cause?

What does the MEDICAL SYMBOL, THE GARDEN OF EDEN and the GOAL OF YOGA have in common?

  • They all represent the Goal of Human Incarnation!
  • Which is to merge the Individual Soul with the Universal soul (The Great Being)

and I have a $50,000* wager

for anyone willing to take the time to study, verify and prove the theory wrong.

Sheshnaag Mandir

  • A temple dedicated to the Human Bio-physiological frame work, the link between the human vehicle and the Universe and the Sanskrit Alphabet.
  • Available for all Hindu, Yoga, Spiritual or Sanatana Dharma events

and during the full moon.

  • The focus is on Atmajnana (Self Knowledge) whereby the Sanskrit Alphabet is utilized and chanted of the human beings universal spiritual nature is appreciated and celebrated.



I hope all doctors (especially Hindus) will step up and donate to the underlying integrity of the Symbol that represents the Medical profession.

When you have a bender or buy something ludicrous please spare a little

& Donate via on Paypal or to omdevaji

Om Namah Shivaya/Salutations to the Great being

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*conditions apply. See omdevaji/Michael in Radiology for details

Michael omdevaji Perring – Author of the “What on Earth is Kundalini?” series