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The Diary of an Awakening Man

During a self imposed pilgrimage into Sacred Sexuality and Sensuality Omdevaji faces his shadows around the indoctrinated cultural representation of Sex, Love and Intimacy.

From the age of 45 I dive deep into moving away from a life of avoiding or masking feelings whilst being emotional unavailable into a life where my feelings are experienced and communicated in a healthy way.

This journey has been the most confrontational and uncomfortable experience of my life, moving through unhealthy programs, working towards a better understanding of feelings within whilst being able to embody a feeling of self worth and contentment.

I have felt alone and unaided and inevitably find reinforcement and encouragement during my darkest hours to keep me afloat. I have documented the journey on video so other lads can relate to the monumental task and pressures a person such as myself brings upon themselves when dealing with self imposed demands whilst trying to fulfil their needs as a human and connect energetically, sensually and sexually to create a sense of self belonging.

Here is a list of basic requirements for a more embodied expression during the transition from Sexual to Sensual connection.

  • Embodied
  • Present
  • Feel Breath
  • Breathe Consciously & Slowly
  • Heart Connection
  • Feeling subtleties
  • Move from head into feeling the body then in the heart

Here is the YouTube link to the 49 video playlist.

I hope you can enjoy, relate and donate.

Pranams omji