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Sheshnaag Mandir, Library and Museum Progress

During October 2015 The four book "What on Earth is Kundalini?" series was published into printed format and coincided with the commencement of excavation on the Sheshnaag site. (The books are now for sale in pdf format on this site by clicking on the books tab or the front page banner) The...

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The Path of Kundalini

We are made in the image of the creator. According to the sanskrit documentation the creator of this universe is interpreted as Adi Shesha or Sheshnaag. The universal serpent. It is appreciated as having one thousand heads. Keep in mind that the serpent is not a devil so to speak. The serpent...

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Validation, the quest for a sense of Self Belonging

I will share something sacred in the hope that you may understand or be confronted. The way I see it is, throughout life a person develops a certain belief and value system according to their innate tendencies, cultural, parental and environmental conditioning. This belief and value system is...

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