We are made in the image of the creator. According to the sanskrit documentation the creator of this universe is interpreted as Adi Shesha or Sheshnaag. The universal serpent. It is appreciated as having one thousand heads. Keep in mind that the serpent is not a devil so to speak. The serpent however is an easy way that the munis and rsi’s of the past translated their interpretation of the sine curve that they perceived in deep meditation to allow people a way to relate to and understand the shape of the waves that energy interacts through. The Chakra system, known as the subtle energy system or Linga Sharira is composed of several substations in the form of chakras that allow consciousness to experience itself through many different dimensions. There are seven chakras located in the etheric body and dominant ones are obvious at times. When you are totally connected to the unity of life the top chakra, which is said to be one thousand petals which directly correlates to the one thousand heads of Sheshnaag, as below – so above, The one thousand petals directly resonate with the frequency of the sanskrit alphabet which is said to be written twenty times in total on the petals. The fifty letters, not only affect the top chakra but the 50 letters also make up the fifty petals of the lower six chakras. The symbol that can best be appreciated for this physiological and psychological phenomena in this culture is the symbol of health, also referred to as the staff of Hermes trismegistus otherwise known as the aescalipius. You know the medical symbol that has a staff up the middle depicting the path of the kundalini from the base chakra up the spincal canal to the fourth ventricle where at the sixth chakra the pineal and pituatary glands work to allow the eye of intuition to awaken and function. Once that point is reached there is only a small journey left before going via the third eye and straight out the top of the head. Both the serpents of Ida and Pingala are pointing to the sphere in the symbol. At the point of awakening the top chakra the kundalini shoots out through the one thousand petalled lotus to merge with all for the duration of this incarnation. It is depicted by the sages as a fountain, sometimes seen as mother Ganga or Brahma, referred to in french and on babies heads as the fontanelle, which means little fountain. So when your head feels like a current is going into it and it so weird sometimes that you even want to scratch it, don’t worry, it is when you are acutely experiencing an intense divine connection. Don’t misinterpret though, you are always connected, you can’t not be.. but at times Sheshnaag is more evident in doing her job…

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  1. I had a very similar Kundalini experience. It was very scary at first and I wish I would have taken the opportunity to separate from my body that 1st offered but I didn’t have any idea what was happening to me. Also, my stomach went through a drastic repositioning with something moving inside me that went completely from my right side to the left and back to the right. You could actually see the movement. I’m been researching spirituality ever since this event in 2011. I’ve learned much and much I have to learn or more accurately, unlearn. I would like some shortcuts if possible because I think my time to complete my llife’s purpose is short due to my late awakening and of course, any advise is greatly appreciate.

  2. I watched your interview on Leaked project. You described the kind of loneliness that’s nearly destroyed me, and it was so so refreshing, almost invigorating. I RELATED to you and I’m incredibly grateful.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Ricki-Lynne.. I am so thankful you reached out and what I say makes a lot of sense to you during your journey…
      I am here at sheshnaag most of the time and can also be contacted via facebook, skype or youtube (sheshnaagyogacentre) the email on this website under contact details is current too….
      I will update my bio soon…
      I appreciate you making contact and apologise for the delay in my response time…
      Hopefully we can talk soon…. Om Namah Shivaya.. Peace .. omdevaji

  3. I need guidance because I would like a kundalini breakthrough. What would recommend.? I’ve been working at this over the last 3 or 4 years.

  4. I watched your youtube video! Its awesome, very informative. Sounds funny, but I have had a awakening and have no one to relate to that I know lol. Yes! I am looking for a friend to share story! Are you on fb?

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