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I will share something sacred in the hope that you may understand or be confronted.
The way I see it is, throughout life a person develops a certain belief and value system according to their innate tendencies, cultural, parental and environmental conditioning.
This belief and value system is ultimately what we hold to be true and false within ourselves.
Throughout life a person unconsciously craves the feeling of or sense of self belonging.
This sense of self belonging is brought about when another person validates our own belief and value system.
The more they can validate our interpretation of things the more we feel akin or at home with them. When our belief and value system is confronted we become defensive and offer something to the other person that states our opinion in the hope that they may come around to appreciate it as their own and embody it.
So the way I see it is, there are loads of people out there unconsciously searching for a sense of self without realising what they are doing.
Simply put we are going around trying to hang out with ourselves…. weird hey… But who am I to judge???
In fact, opinions are simply that, opinions and when one can look around and see the world objectively there is an ongoing debate of opinions.
I await the day (I would like to say patiently but that is not true) that awareness breaks through the Rudra Granthi in the Linga Sharira to allow people to embrace all others, irrespective of their opinions or belief and value system. … Om Namah Shivaya … omdevaji

One thing for certain, it is not and never will be ‘depression’. What I talk about, is the fact that as a human being, one spends a lot of their life unconsciously seeking ‘validation’ or confirmation of reality’ by finding others who have the same belief on a subject so you feel better about your own opinion..
The best example is the weather. The weather is the most globally similar experience people have so it is one of the most talked about subjects, albeit on a physical level.
The western culture predominantly functions through the anna, prana and manamaya koshas so people are validating their perception of these dimensions ‘all of the time’. When a persons perception shifts to the more subtle dimensions of the vijnanamaya and anandamaya koshas it is more and more unlikely that anyone in ‘everyday’ life can validate ones perception or understand what you are talking about… Due to this, the sense of belonging people are subconsciously craving through validation is not possible.. so it is a test of sorts in the sense that at some stage one must be comfortable in their own perception of reality and validation is unnecessary as a part of the journey. Don’t worry my friend.. at rare times during the journey, life places certain reassurances in ones path in the form of events, a person or other forms of confirmation.
In India it is different, although there is lot of Bhakti there, the spirit is still acknowledged as a part of the human framework, where in the west, we are ignorant of the fact we have a soul. So, if you are conscious of the spirit in the west it makes for a difficult and lonely experience… be reassured though my friend, if there is anytime that human understanding is going to change it is now and during the next hundred years. I hope this makes sense. Peace

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    • Hello Krista.. I am humbled that something at provided you with a sense of opportunity to deepen your understanding.
      Here is a bit of a standard copied and pasted message as my contact details do not change.. hehehe
      I am here at sheshnaag most of the time and can also be contacted via facebook, skype or youtube…
      the email on this website under contact details is current too….
      I will update my bio soon…
      I appreciate you making contact and apologise for the delay in my response time…
      Hopefully we can talk soon…. Om Namah Shivaya.. Peace .. omdevaji

  1. Good morning,
    I think we most definitely need to talk. Unfortunately, I’m not in a financially sound position right now to contribute to your project. However, I am almost certain that I will be in the future. Due to my KA I also possess intuitive powers along with knowledge of future and maybe past alternate probabilities (realities). I am very interested in learning Sanskrit.

    ~Lbee CA USA

    • Thank you for the message.. my email can be found via the YouTube channel which is accessible via this site and is titled Sheshnaag Yoga centre.
      I appreciate you reaching out to connect.. omji

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